Festival Vibes: Outfit Ideas For NH7 Weekender 2018

With Nh7 Weekender around the corner, it’s time to put on our best festival spirits. With music festivals there is always room for getting all out when it comes to styling you and your outfits.

Keeping that in mind, I have curated four chic, hassle free outfit styles that will not only help you beat the chilly nights of Meghalaya and keeping you stylish but also groove to your favorite songs without the feeling of any uneasiness. (Tripping over own your outfit 😐)

NH7 Weekender is a two day affair of amazing music and food. With a beautiful set up and even more beautiful Meghalaya, can you blame anyone to not go and see for oneself. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this time, due to my other commitments. I have to skip this year and yeah I will miss a very good dancing platform as I go crazy in music festivals.

But I have a little something for you people, even though I won’t be present, it will be a sweet thing for me to do this.

I have four outfit styles lined up for this festival, which I hope you will like and get some ideas of your own by checking it out.

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I have two outfits for each day, one during the day when it’s nice and warm, and one for night when it will be very cold and you will need something that will keep you warm but also stylish.

Day 1. Afternoon

I don’t have the weather forecast of Meghalaya but it will be warmer in the afternoon. You can dress up light, check out the venue, click some pictures of yourself and basically just chill.

For day time, I have chose this high waisted denim shorts with this cute black polka dot tube top and bonus you can flaunt your belly button in this outfit.

You can wear just this or if you think you might feel cold, you can always layer it with a long shrug/kimonos anything you have in your wardrobe. I have layered my outfit with this maroon long shrug which gives all the festival vibes. To add some chunkiness, I have wore this maroon chunky ankle boots which is not preferable for dancing but add some glam to your outfit. This outfit is super cute, very chic and super simple to get ready with.

Day 1. Sundown

It’s getting chilly and your cute afternoon outfit won’t do any good to you during the night and when the actual fun begins. So for night time I have chose this, chunky knit black crop sweater and paired it with very warm brown plaid pants. With a cropped sweater, these high waisted pants goes perfectly keeping you warm and ready for the night. These pants are my absolute favorite as it has a layer of inner fleece lining which helps very much in the cold nights.

And for shoes I am wearing these white sneakers which goes with everything and you can wear it throughout the festival which means light packing which saves you a lot during the travels.

Day 2. Afternoon

Another day with more music and fun, and more to get all dressed up. For the second day, I have chose an all black attire with a pop of bright color.

Any music festival without blacks doesn’t feel good. A basic pencil black mini skirt paired with a black bralette sounds about right, you can be an Angel of Black (in a stylish way). I have created this look by wearing a black mini skirt, with a plunging V-neckline black bralette and slipped a mesh black top to keep it chic. A pop of color added with this bright yellow jacket that will brighten your outfit and if you get lost, your friends will find it easy to search for you (bonus point).

I did mention about packing light so here I’m wearing the same white sneakers and it perfectly goes with the outfit.

Day 2. Sundown

Last night of amazing music and fun, for this last outfit I chose this lace black sports bralette and a pair of warm black track pants. I have paired it up with a blue denim jacket and also with a pink midi shrug. You can chose either or go for a heavy bomber jacket to keep out the cold.

Wearing the same white sneakers.

Don’t forget to Accessorize:

1.Rings, Nose rings, earrings, layered neck pieces, Head crowns, bracelets all can accentuate an outfit greatly. I have wore a self made bracelet which can also be worn as a choker. Silver rings and glittery black nail colors to give that luxe and shiny feel.

2. A fanny pack/other sling bag/small bag pack

I don’t like this whole fanny pack trend but it has been very useful for me when I’m out and about, and don’t want to carry a sling bag. This is great for traveling and also for the festival occasion. Just wrap it around your waist and your ready to go dance. Keeps your things in place and no worries of theft or the feeling of losing your precious handy bag.

Alright folks, that’s it for now. Hope you like this blog post about the music festival outfit ideas.

Comment down which outfit you liked the most or thinking of trying it out yourself.

Wish you all a happy and fun times at the Nh7 Weekender.

Photographed by my dear friend @lasubondhar, a doctor by profession, but keen to capturing moments and always helpful, also down for taking good pictures.

And also by my talented dear brother, @wild_light_films, who endured all my demands and silliness, and patiently helped me with the shooting of the photos.

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Thank you guys so much, couldn’t do it without you.

Till next time!!

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SHEIN Bralettes: How to Effortlessly look Chic in Bralettes

Bralettes have been trending for a few years now and there is no stopping any time soon. Why not, you ask? Because this little clothing is so pretty, comfortable and so easy to style. Be it satin, silk, velvet or lace, this versatile piece goes with everything and oomph up your style quotient a notch higher.

A must have undergarment staple to give you freedom from the tight, underwires of bras and give you comfort and the feeling of spaciousness.

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I fell in love with bralettes ever since it has become a trend. I’m so obsessed with them, now every time I go shopping or do online shopping my eyes kind of always goes searching for bralettes. I have a decent collection of bralettes in different shapes and colors. And I never turn down an opportunity to wear them out.

In this blog post, I will be showing you the cutest and chic bralettes collection I have from SHEIN. If you love online shopping then SHEIN is no stranger to you. If you haven’t heard of this online shopping site, make sure to check them out because they have the most trendy, cutest and chic outfits in budget friendly prices.

So without further ado, here is how I styled my SHEIN bralettes:

1. V-neckline Bralette

This deep V cut bralette with thin straps is a perfect go to bralette for a day out that doesn’t show much skin and pretty much covers everything up but still leave that sexy yet elegant look behind.

I have paired up this bralette with wide black pants which gives 90s vibes with a modern twist. You can also go for that cool girl look by accessorizing it with simple neck pieces.

2. Suede strapless Bralette

Do I need to tell you anything more of suede? It does all the talking once you can get hold of anything suede. This cute pink suede strapless bralette is my favorite. Isn’t it the cutest? The soft leather fabric gives you the ultimate comfort that doesn’t come much from the basic strapless tops. It also has wide elastic bands at it’s top and bottom to ensure it stays in place.

I love wide pants so much, they are so comfortable and classy. I have again paired this suede bralette with wide black pants, keeping the rest of the outfit simple as the bralette does all the work.

Wear it out on a summer date with your significant other or a day out with your girls. You can also pair it up with denim shorts if you are heading to the beach, it will make all the heads turn.

3. Lace Trim Bralette

Grey is my favorite color after black and when it comes to intimate wear, greys are all I could think of. Be it a basic bra, sports bra or a bralette, the color grey can shut all the colors out.

I always wanted a bralette in the color grey and I was so happy when I saw it in their website, my happiness reach to the moon when I realized it is a lacy grey bralette. Although I wear XS, it was not available at that time, but I couldn’t resist and ordered in size S. How can I let it slip away from my hands?

It is very soft, delicate and feels like your second skin. It fits perfectly, few inches above your navel. There are adjustable straps to adjust according to your shape and size.

I have paired it with plaid light grey pants and a denim shirt that absolutely looks sexy and elegant. Throw a denim jacket or shirt to get that chic Victoria Secret Model vibes. No more envying them, when you can rock one yourself.

This bralette is also perfect for music festivals. Pair it with shorts and be a boho goddess by layering it with a long printed shrug and dance the night away.

Go ahead, bring out your bralettes that you have stocked away, wear it out and be a head turner.

Shop my looks here:




Visit their website:


Hope you liked my styling of these pretty bralettes. Let me know in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.