Ali Aye Ligang: The most loved festival of Mising People

The celebration of Ali-Aye-Ligang

Our state, Assam is a diverse one with so many tribes living together. One such tribe is Mising and I belong to Mising tribe. We speak differently from the Assamese but we love all the tribes, rest assured no bad blood with any of the other tribes.

And we love our festivals where feasts are grand and pork is served everywhere. Pork dishes and Rice Wine are the main important things that mostly defines our tribe when it comes to cuisine.

When spring comes every year, we get to celebrate the biggest festival of the year that is the Ali-Aye-Ligang.

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The most popular and favorite festival of Mising people. We wait for a whole year to get our hands on Purang Apin, varieties of pork dishes made with home grown or wild plants (eatable). Need I need to say, it’s the feast of all feasts. Once you have experienced it you will know for sure why we love it so much.

Ali-aye-ligang marks the beginning of sowing seeds in the rice fields and is associated with agriculture. After completion of sowing seeds and prayers for a good reap it is customary for our people to celebrate with a grand feast.

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When is it celebrated?

Ligang is celebrated in the month of February every year. The date varies as we follow the Assamese calendar and it is celebrated on the first Wednesday of ‘Gimur Polo’ or on the first Wednesday of the month of Fagun (Assamese calendar). The festival lasts for 5 days.

What do we do in Ali-Aye-Ligang?

Ligang is not only about a big feast, the day start with sowing seeds, and following rules of not ploughing or cutting trees throughout the festival. The young and adults performs Gumrag Soman (traditional mising dance) in every house of the community giving them blessings for a prosperous year. And the festival ends with hosting big feasts in mising homes where they invite their families and friends.

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What do we eat in Ali-Aye-Ligang?

As I have mentioned before, it is the feast of all feasts, and we love to prepare various food items which is only made in this special occasion.

Purang Apin:

Purang Apin is boiled sticky rice which is wrapped first with Torapat and is boiled in water. The wrapping of sticky rice begins in the morning, and there is art in wrapping. It consumes a great amount of time in wrapping hundreds of these. After it is boiled, it is ready to be served with the various pork dishes.

Ali-aye-ligang platter at The Misingland Restuarant

Main Pork Dishes cooked in Ligang

Pork with Lai Pat
Pork with Matimah
Pork with Mesaki pat
Pork with Pitha
Khorikat diya Pork
Fried Pork
Pork with Elephant Apple
Spicy Chutney


Apong is an integral part of our community. Most of our grandparents prefer to drink Apong instead of tea in morning or evening.

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And for Ali-aye-Ligang, Apong is prepared months before the festival. Be it Poro apong (Black wine) or Nogin apong (White wine), a Festival or a Feast in Mising Community is only called successful when there is plenty of good homemade rice wine. Now you have a fair idea how much we love our home made wine.

Gumrag Soman

Every young girl or a boy in the community yearns for the Gumrag Soman where they can show their talents in dancing or playing instruments. Much like Bihu (Assamese), we dance to the tune of folks songs and Oi:nitom, using instruments like Dhol, Pepa, Taal, Bahi, etc.

The Mising dance forms imitates life itself. The themes and subjects are mostly about the day-to-day activities in the life of men and women in the community. From washing clothes, daily chores, sowing seeds in a field to reaping them, you will get a very vivid image of lives of Mising people when you watch Gumrag.

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My first Gumrag Soman

I remember my first ‘Gumrag Sonan’ back at my Grandparents village in Jonai. My two Pehis (my father’s sister) insisted I join them. I wore a Green Ege Gasor (Traditional Mising attire), my hair into a bun with a fresh Rajnigandha flower and dancing bangles (bangles made of black, white and red wool fabrics).

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I felt so embarrassed dancing before my relatives but soon got over it and I loved it so much. It was really fun, knowledge full for me to get to know the basics of our tribe. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay till the end and participate in the feast they throw after completion of Gumrag Soman in the village.

It’s a great time to get together and dance with your friends, getting blessings from your adults. Its a great time to fall in love too, be it a little crush on the Dhuliya guy or Pepa Bojuwa guy. Or falling in love with the girl who is dancing in your group. We often see it happening in the movies and it happens in real lives too.

Not only it is fun for the young, adults are very active during the season, be it making preparations for the Ligang, hosting great feasts for their close ones and friends. The happiest of all are the Mothers, as it is the time when their children come back home from colleges or universities or from their jobs to reunite for a few days and have good home cooked food, visiting families and spending quality times before they head back.


In present time, Mising community has come up with various Ligang competitions like Gumrag Soman contest, Modern Mising dance, Anu nitom and Oi:nitom (Singing contest). They are rewarded with certificates and huge prize money. To win in these competitions, brings one so much fame and honor.

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I would love to go back home and celebrate Ligang with my family and like so many other people does. But time can be a real pain during the festival when you have exams or you don’t get leave.

The Misingland Ethnic Restuarant

Eventually you have to skip Ligang or if you get invited by your friend you are very lucky. For those living in the city or those is who wants to try an authentic Mising Ali-Aye-Ligang, I would suggest, The Misingland Ethnic Restaurant right at the heart of the city i.e Guwahati.

Address: 1st Floor, SM Complex, Near V2, RG Baruah Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati

It’s been almost a few years, I have missed Ligang at home due to studies or my work. Thankfully this year, I was craving Purang Apin and one of my friend suggested The Misingland. I went with my friends, Jeena and Chinmoyee and had a blast. Chinmoyee as she is not Mising, it was her first time trying out Ligang.

Our Experience at The Misingland

The food was amazing, the residue of Torapat in the Purang Apin was heavenly. We ate to our heart’s content. Various pork dishes (Pork with Lai leaves, Pork with Black Daal, Roasted Pork) along with Fried Baby Potatoes and Mashed potatoes with dry fish were served.

We were served in authentic bell metal utensils used commonly among the various tribes of Assam. The staffs were very friendly, which made the experience more beautiful and memorable.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Apong as they don’t have liquor license.

Decor at the Misingland

The restaurant itself is great, beautiful decor with lights and huge glass windows overlooking the city. Indoor plants occupy the corners and it gives a fresh look to it.

Seating Arrangements at The Misingland

I loved the different seating arrangements available in the restaurant. From traditional sitting on the floor, we love to sit on Pirahs (flat wooden seat) or Mats in our home, so keeping that in mind, they have spacious homely seating arrangements.

Also seating arrangements for Big family or a big party is available. If you are thinking of enjoying a quiet meal with your significant other then there is seating arrangements for couples too.

Comfortable homely seating at the Misingland

All in all, I had a great time at Misingland eating sinfully delicious food and
spending quality time with my girlfriends. Even away from home, I consider this the best way to celebrate Ligang in the city and couldn’t have wished for more.

Thank you Misingland for making us feel at home, away from home.


Most Anticipated Shows and Movies that are coming in April 2019!! 

Since the revelation of release dates of Avengers: Endgame and final season of Game of Thrones last year, the world has exploded in an unmeasurable amount of anticipation of what will these two biggies bring to the screen.
How will Thanos be defeated by our Avengers in Endgame and who will finally claim the Iron Throne in GOT or will anyone survive the White Walkers?
These are very serious questions and I with the billions of people worldwide cannot wait anymore to finally get the answers.
Along with GOT and Avengers: Endgame there are plenty of other series that are coming in April and I want to share with you guys some of the fresh and old series that I cannot wait to watch This April.

Let’s begin!

  1. Quicksand (5 April)

Where to Watch: Netflix

A new crime drama is coming my way and I honestly cannot wait to check it out. I’m obsessed with murder thrillers and more merrier if it is an international series.
Quicksand is a Swedish crime thriller based on a book of the same name, where a high school student becomes the center of attraction when a mass shooting takes place at her prep school.
Bonus: Another international teen crime drama is Elite (NETFLIX). Do give it a watch!

2. Criminal Justice (5 April)

Where to Watch: Hotstar (Premium)

Hotstar has announced it’s own ‘Hotstar Specials‘ with the remake of popular BBC series, Criminal Justice which came out in 2008. The remake of the BBC series has a power packed cast, Vikrant Masey, Pankaj Tripathi, Jackie Shroff will be seen playing important roles in the series. The series is about a cab driver (Vikrant Masey) who has been accused of rape and murder after a one-night stand with Anupriya Goenka. Pankaj Tripathi will be seen defending Vikrant Masey as he portrays him as a person who belongs to a good family with no criminal records.
Pankaj Tripathi has been making us all gaga with his serious gangster acting in his recent previous work (Mirzapur) and I can’t wait for this one.


3. The Silence (10 April)

Where to Watch: Netflix

There has been an influx of horror movies where aliens are super sensitive to sound or sight. First came “A Quiet Place”, an excellent horror/alien invasion movie which gets under your skin and literally heightens your senses. Then came Netflix’s Bird Box which also is a movie where aliens possesses your body if you just open your eyes.
Now Netflix has once again come up with another horror/alien movie which resonates quite well with the ‘A Quiet Place’ Movie. There are so many similarities like ‘the sound’ and a ‘deaf’ character in each of the movie. Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” are the lead actors.
Though the trailer is very similar to ‘A Quiet Place’, it is noteworthy that the film is based on a 2015 novel, long before “A Quiet Place’ happened.
I’m quite an alien lover, so this excites me a lot, or you could you just watch it to spot the differences and similarities between the two movies.
Note: ‘A Quiet Place’ is streaming on Prime Video, if you still haven’t watch this epic alien movie.

4. You vs Wild (10 April)

Where to Watch: Netflix

Man Vs Wild’s Bear Grylls is coming to Netflix as in an interactive series ‘You vs Wild‘ where Bear Grylls will be seen in a variety of scenarios where you get to pick his next move to complete the mission.
I love watching Man vs Wild, his energy and enthusiasm is something I admire the most.
Since the wide success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, another movie-length interactive; Netflix is not shying away from interactive series.
Now the question is will you pick the right choices to save Bear Grylls in the new series? Good luck!

5. Black Summer (11 April)

Where to Watch: Netflix

Zombie fans anyone? This month is full of blood, gore and revenge why not keep some love aside for the Zombies.
Black Summer, a prequel series to the Z Nation series, this series will focus on the earliest days of first zombie apocalypse. The plot centers around a group of strangers who band together to survive and get back to their loved ones.

6. Game of Thrones (14 April)

Where to Watch: HBO/ Hotstar (Premium)

Need any introduction to GOT? Honestly I didn’t watch GOT till last year as I always found it too overrated because of the hype and the crazy GOT fans all over the world makes it unbearable sometimes.
But once I got the taste of Blood and War, I was unstoppable and finished the entire 7 seasons in 10 days. Now who is crazy? 😝
Anyway, Winter has finally come which was bloody annoying to hear it throughout the series because it took 7 seasons for Winter to finally come.
And with the Great Wall being taken down by Viserion, now a White Walker Dragon and White Walkers advancing towards Man Kind. Jon Snow sleeping with his Aunt, God I cannot wait to see the face of Jon when he realizes he’s been sleeping with his Aunt.
So many juicy and hair raising moments to look out for in the Finale Season. It has almost been unbearable.
Cometh already GOT!!

7. Avengers: Endgame (26 April)

The biggest and most anticipated film since last year is the Avengers: Endgame.
Thanos’s infamous snapping of fingers wiped out most of the population from the Universe. The departure of our favorite superheroes was a tear jerker. I remember the movie theater going pin drop silence during the scene.
Now it is left to the few superheroes, our only hope to defeat Thanos and probably reverse the unimaginable effect and bringing back our lost heroes. We can only count the days till 26. Best wishes to everyone!
What do you think will happen at the end? Will we get back our superheroes? Let me know in the comments.
Two of my favorite series are coming back for a new season on Netflix. It is not yet confirmed but I’m hoping so much they set a release date in April.
  1. The Alienist: The Angel of Darkness

If you are looking for an Old century crime then The Alienist is a brilliant, award winning series which premiered back in 2018.
The Alienist takes us back to the Victorian era where a sick serial killer, murders teenager prostitute boys in the most gruesome ways to teach everyone a lesson. Enter Dr Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist who tries to find the killer with his team of a newspaper illustrator and the first female police officer (Dakota Fanning) in New York.
The second season is likely to be released this month but the date is not yet confirmed.


2. Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) Part III

If you haven’t watched Money Heist, what have you watch? Undoubtedly the most watched non-English series on Netflix is the Phenomenal Money Heist.
The obsession with this crime drama with the viewers cannot be explained. The Heist at the Royal Mint of Spain is nothing like any ordinary heist.
The Brain of the Heist is a Professor who has been planning this since his teenage years and recruits several die-for-money small time thieves and convicts. The planning and preparation for the heist is notable and very intelligent that baffles even the most intelligent police forces. I cannot tell you how much I love this show and was sitting on the edge till the very ending of the Part II.
For the love of God, go watch it if you haven’t, feel the adrenaline, the rush and the big dreams that all of them dreams about once getting out with 2 billion money.
Yes!! 2 billion freshly minted money. That’s enough to convince you to watch this show.
And with a new series coming, I cannot wait to know what The Professor and his team of elite thieves have in store for us.
Have you watched Money Heist?
Which movie/show you are more excited for? Let me know in the comments.

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Minimalistic, Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Him! Pt. 2

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing great as it is my first blog anniversary 👏🏼. Today is the day when I posted my first blog dedicating Priyangshu writing a few pointers about minimalistic gift ideas for man. And I just thought why not do a part two because it is my beau’s birthday and another dedication for always supporting me since Day 1.

Well I have planned something special and a little over the budget surprise for Priyangshu, I just want to blow his mind off. (Haha) I just can’t wait. I’m pretty nervous and psyched about it. But hey, let’s get started on the Minimalistic gifting ideas. Shall we?

5 Minimalistic Gift Ideas for Your Man

1. Books:

If your guy likes reading books, this is a great opportunity to gift him his favorite book. This might be tricky given there are so many genres, you might opt for some mind reading. Try to know what books he frequently reads. Be it an Anime, soul searching or a classic book of poems, it is a sure certain he will appreciate this one.

2. Customize T-shirts:

Customize things are very much intimate. This time prepare a gift that is intimate and fun. Take a few favorite phrases or words that he likes or a sentence that signifies your love to your beau. There are a lot of websites online that sell customize T-shirts. Get in touch and tell them what you want.

My boyfriend is addicted to Fortnite, so in order to tease him, I customized this T-shirt that says “Eat, Sleep, Fortnite, Repeat”. Ain’t it cute?

3. Zip Closure Leather Wallet:

Need to say anything more about Wallets? There are many different types of wallets with different price tags. But Leather Wallets are the best in quality and durability.

To put a cherry on top of your gift is to get your man a Zip Closure Leather Wallet. It is so essential to keep all the things inside the wallet safe. Important things like Driver’s license, ATM cards and other important papers are carried around on daily basis. A Zip Closure Wallet will keep everything in its place and I am sure, he will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

4. Succulent Plants:

Another cost effective and easy gift is to get him a succulent plant. Succulent plants don’t need much care and makes excellent decor on a coffee table or his working desk.

You can even opt for a fake succulent plant. There are so many beautiful, tiny little fake succulents that will brighten up his working space and No need of Watering!

Live Haworthia Fasciata Zebra Succulent
Fake Succulent Plant

5. Photo Frames:

This is a classic gift idea but is always huge no matter what occasion it is. The best way to preserve your memories is to keep a photograph of you and your boyfriend when you went on that special weekend trip or when you went to a local photo booth.

Go for simple photo frames, like matte color frames or transparent frames keeping it simple and classy.

For those who wants to go all out (No Budget):

If you want to surprise your boyfriend this birthday and you are not limited on resources then the best way is to surprise him with a Weekend Getaway Trip.

You can book a Hotel/Homestay/Resort away from the city, where you can spend the weekend, just the two of you. City life is hard so unplugged yourselves with good food, or just laze around in your PJs.

If both of you are adventurous, make sure the place you booked has variety of activities available for the guest.

If not, you can go hiking nearby or just stroll around the property. It is a great way to spend time together and creating new memories.

When you return from your trip, you will be full of good energy and your boyfriend will be bursting with happiness.

Hope you like this post on Minimalistic Gift Ideas. What do you think is the ideal Gift? Let me know in the comments.



My Hilarious and Embarrassing Moments at the Saraswati Puja, 2019

Hey guys, hope you all doing great. Many of you might think I’m not Assamese because I look 100% tribal and mostly people think I’m Arunachali (Arunachal Pradesh), Khasi (Meghalaya) or Nepali (Sikkim) whenever I travel to these states or just going out in my city, Guwahati.

A Little About Me:

Well to clear out all the confusion, I’m Missing, and yes I’m tribal, we are tribal people and my ancestors have been living here in Assam since I don’t know when. But I’m Assamese and I know Assamese (most people talk to me in Hindi and English thinking I’m tribal and most of the time I just go with it because I’m just too tired of correcting people 😌).

Saraswati Puja

As I live in Assam, Saraswati Puja (The Worshipping of Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge) has been very huge in the recent years and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. It has been an open stage all over the state where young women and young men come out dressed to the nine wearing traditional/fusion Mekhela Sadar (woman) and traditional Dhuti Kurta (man). Some prefer wearing other traditional attire like Lehenga choli, the choices are endless.

You can just call it Winter Fashion Week in Assam showcasing the diverse cultures and their traditional attires. The streets become a runway for the masses to show their outfits may it be traditional or the trendy ones.

Not a huge Fan of this Trend

I am not a big fan of these new developments where a simple ceremony of worshiping Ma Saraswati has somehow been overshadowed by a glitz and glamour show of who wears what, who wore the best?

This has increased a certain level of insecurities and mindless indulgence in things which is in true sense utter worthless. Many people spends hours and hours of time and money in creating that one look/outfit for this day. For me it’s insane, I myself have gone to 2-3 Saraswati Pujas in my life and I just go as my usual self, I rather spend my money on food 😝 then buy stuffs for these ceremonies.

Clearly it is not my scene, and I have not gone to any since my college days. But this year I made an exception and went anyway. One of my friend Chinmoyee invited me to go along with her and her friends to her University, USTM and I was like okay, let’s go this year. Actually I brought a very elegant maroon skirt last year and I haven’t got a chance to wear it out and this is a perfect scene where I can flaunt my beautiful baby out.

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Finally, the day arrived and I was super excited. I was dressed to the nine, I loved the way my outfit looked and I was super comfortable and confident.

We arrived at her college and it was really fun and cheerful, to see everyone wearing traditional attires and praying and having Prasad, khichidi and kheer.

We finished our khichidi and we were about to take a tour of the university when all hell broke loose. I felt like the entire sky came crashing down on me. It was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. And it didn’t stop at one and it kept going on till I have nothing else to lose, literally nothing. Come, let’s all laugh together at my misadventures at Saraswati Puja, 2019.

The many highlights of my day at Saraswati Ma Puja, 2019:

1. Firstly, my hell began when my shoe decided to gave up on me in the middle of the campus while taking a tour.

I tried as hard as possible to look normal and walk normal as the sole of my heel made it difficult to get a hold of the ground. I quickly sat on the grass, didn’t even check before sitting. My friends were hovering above me thinking of solutions and I was nervous and embarrassed, guilty to have ruined the day for all of us.

2. Secondly, my shoe left behind a piece of the sole for everyone to witness my misfortune.

Somehow, a Security Guard caught eye on the piece of the heel and quickly knew that it was mine. He was very kind and told me not to worry as you can fix it with glue. It’s embarrassing enough and on top I am being called on to take back the piece. I just couldn’t get up and walk back to retrieve the piece. I just ignored it, the betrayal I received, the shoe piece just didn’t exist for me anymore. 😒

3. Thirdly, while sitting on the grass contemplating what to do with my shoe I sat on chewing gum.

And it got stuck to my back like a white patch on my beautiful skirt 🤦🏻‍♀️. I was safe to say got a little luck there as there was dog poop a few inches away from where I was sitting.

4. Fourthly, Just as I was trying to fix my shoe, I spilled the glue all over my fingers and my fingers got stuck to each other.

I was horrified and to make it worst my finger got glued to a nearby pine tree. It was horrible and hilarious. I was losing my mind. My friends were cracking jokes saying, “In worst case scenario we have to bring back the pine tree with Nancy”. 😂 It just lightened the whole atmosphere and we all broke into laughter.

My friends were a life savior yesterday. They were trying to make me feel better and running around to get glue, carry bags and all. Chinmoyee, my friend, my savior was very calm and took upon herself to fix this problem. I was to make the hard choice between choosing to fix the shoe or just go barefoot.

Finally, I decided to go barefoot.

Chinmoyee and her friend, Madhusmita took one shoe each in their sling bags and disposed it off. The things girlfriends need to do for their girl 💁🏻‍♀️.

Luckily, I was wearing a floor length skirt and stockings, and I had to walk on my tippy toes to keep me from tripping over my own outfit. That would have been the cherry on top, right? Well it didn’t happen, your girl is A-okay.

I felt quite relieved going barefoot, and I had my girlfriends with me to provide emotional support. We had a fun time posing for photos, laughing at our own misfortunes. A huge shoutout to my lovely friends, Chinmoyee, Madhusmita and Madhusmita Ba.

I came, I slayed barefoot and left my shoes behind. 🤣🤣

Here are the few moments we were able to capture even after the whole incident:

Glad I took a photo of myself before my shoe betrayed me

Who would have thought I don’t have any shoes underneath my skirt 😅

Madhusmita Ba and me busy trying to remove the god awful chewing gum from my skirt.

Chinmoyee and Madhusmita Ba

Madhusmita Ba, Madhusmita and myself waiting for Cab and posing 😅

All smiles even after all the horrible stuffs that I went through, can’t stop me from having fun, can you?

I hope you loved this piece, and laughed your face off. You are welcome. Though it was embarrassing, it will be etched to our souls for the remainder of our lives. Can’t believe we pulled it off and got back in one piece, it is just super amazing.

If you have ever gone through a horrible yet funny wardrobe malfunction do comment down. I would love to hear your stories.

See you next time. Till then take care.

With love,


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Minimalistic, Budget-friendly gift ideas for Him!!

Men are so hard to please. Us, ladies give some shiny, girly stuffs and we are drooling all over it, (if she is not too picky). Who ever said Men are simple and straight forward is so fucking true. They are these simple, humble beings who don’t need much. And that where lies the problem, pleasing a person who is already content is a tough job. And when it comes to gifting your bae, who only cares about food and Indulge in simple living, very tough. My boyfriend is one of ’em. Just throw some black tee shirts and sweatpants, and he is the happiest person in the world. And obviously Food and FIFA.

As Valentines Day just went by, it was hell of job for me to please this guy. And I always believe in thoughtful gifts, something to remember in the long run. I know, I know Valentines Day has long gone but still gifting ideas are always welcomed, right? All the gift ideas are very budget friendly and comes under 1000 bucks.

So taking cues from this Valentines Day, I want to share with you guys some minimalistic, budget-friendly gifts for your beau.

1. A Graphic T- shirt : T-shirts are the epitome of casual fashion. So, I got this simple Graphic T- shirt while I was randomly going through the Men’s section at Max store. My boyfriend is a huge fan of ‘INTO THE WILD‘ Movie and what better way to show him some love by gifting him his favorite movie t shirt.

2. Sweat Pants : A must have, leisure wear in a Men’s closet. A pair of these comfy pants will keep your man super comfortable the whole day and also sweat pants are Uber cool right now. It has gain so much popularity in the more laid back fashion category and it’s so versatile and goes with almost everything. So, go get your man a few pairs of these. Your boyfriend will very much appreciate this cute gesture.

3. A Waterproof Travel Bag : If your man loves traveling or is constantly on the go. This waterproof travel bag is the Bomb. This bag has a set of 7 pouches/bags of different sizes to suit your man’s necessities. It has an all charger container pouch, earphones/headphones holder pouch, grooming pouch, underwear pouch, socks pouch, a shoe pouch, laundry pouch, and lastly a large pouch for clothing. The bag is very stylish too and it comes in different shades. I got the grey shade as i loved the color so much. I must mention I gave an ultimatum, like he can only use this bag while we are both traveling together, as he is a lazy ass and I fear he will leave behind my precious gift. Out of all the gifts, this is my absolute favorite and I’m actually very proud of myself (haha!)

4. An earphone holder: Everybody has this annoying habit of losing earphones all the time. Well my boyfriend is no different. So, I got this cute black pouch that has two compartments to hold earphones and other little stuffs. It has zip lock, so no worries.

5. Hand Sanitizer : Yeah! It sounds a little weird but hey, it’s good for your bae. It’s a great thing to take care of your man’s health and so slip this in his pocket or back pack and he will never have to worry about washing hands or frantically looking for water and soap.

6. Chocolates : I got chocolates too for him. I got a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a cute little purple box to pack the chocolates.

7. Roses : Roses are the symbol of eternal love. A single rose or a few would do the job. I got only one as I’m thrifty AF.

P.s If you and your guy plan on something special, and if it’s not a surprise or you can surprise him, why not indulge in a pair of sexy lingerie with you holding them gently and give away that sassy look. Your guy won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Total win-win.

So it’s a wrap. I hope you ladies find these ideas helpful and make use of it and surprise the hell out of your bae.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section.

See you soon. Take care!