5 STEPS to Staying Safe in Public Places during the CORONAVIRUS

After a long lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy is running back smoothly without any signs of further lockdown in our country and it has placed us in a very tight place. With all the businesses and offices open, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the basic rules laid down by CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. Now that you can go out and about in public places it is of utmost importance that you take all the measures to keep yourself and others safe.

5 Simple Steps to ensure safety in Public Places

1. Maintain Social Distancing

Maintaining social distance is the most basic rule that was laid down since the start of the pandemic. As everything is now “open for business” it is very important to practice more social distancing than ever, it can be difficult due to the population in a city but practicing social distancing is a must wherever you go.

2. Wear Fack Mask

During the lockdown, there was a time when our country suffered from an acute shortage of essential things like masks, hand sanitizer, soap which was needed the most. It was advised back then to only wear mask if you are sick or taking care of a sick person.
This shortage of “essentials” is no more and it is most important to wear a mask now when out in public places to reduce the spread of virus escaping while speaking, breathing and coughing. There are plenty of different types of masks available right now, choose them wisely in terms of comfort and safety.

3. Always Carry Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Carrying a hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will greatly help you when you are out in public place. Although when you enter a building or a mall, they will provide hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands, it will be plus point to have it with you all the time when you get out of a cab or when you are climbing up a few stairs.
Carry sanitizing wipes is another important measure you can take to keep yourself safe. Sanitizing wipes will sanitize door handles, car doors, sanitize your seat. Just remember to wipe down everything first before touching with your hands.

4. Practice Online Shopping and Order Food Online

Shopping online will prevent you from going outside and get your things delivered at your doorsteps. In the same way, if you are ordering food from a restaurant opt for takeouts or home delivery instead of going through the hassle of body scan at restaurants and different rules and regulations.
With home delivery you can use the “Contactless Delivery” feature on the app and the delivery executive will leave your food at your doorstep. This feature is amazing when it comes to maintaining social distance between you and the delivery executive.

But it’s not entirely possible to buy everything online and you must get out of the house to get your essentials. While out and about make sure you take all precautionary measures.

5. Follow the Rules given by Shopping Malls and Trial rooms

If you want to go shopping in a mall, it is necessary to abide by the rules of the mall. While shopping don’t hesitate to ask help, ask them about the trial room rules and regulations and follow them strictly. Most of the malls have taken steps on sanitizing every piece of cloth after it comes out of the trial room. Make sure to drop the clothes in a separate bin after you are done trying out the clothes. This detailed video will help you understand better, do check it out.
Reduce using of cash as much as possible. While shopping at the mall, pay using your credit cards/debit cards instead of cash, this will reduce the contact between you and the cashier preventing the spread of the virus.

These are the simple steps you can apply to your daily lives during this pandemic to keep yourself safe. Are there any other ways you are keeping yourself safe in public places? Do let me know. Stay Safe!

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