5 Sci-Fi Series like Westworld You can Stream Online Right Now

Westworld S3 is back after 2 years and I’m loving every bit of it. The new season is set in the real world, futuristic L.A with everything automatic, the taxi and even helicopter rides. Dolores as vengeful as we saw her in the finale of season 2, is seen effortlessly mingling with the real people and manipulating her way to get head start on her big plan to destroy humanity who has played her kind for decades. She is joined with Caleb (Aaron Paul), a human and her precious little group of hosts that she stole from the Westworld park. Westworld is almost halfway through it’s finale and if you can’t wait for another week of a new episode of nail biting revelations of Westworld, these 5 sci-fi series that you can stream online now will quench your thirst for some serious action packed vibes similar to Westworld.

5 Sci-fi Series you can stream Online right now
1. Altered Carbon (Seasons- 2)

When it comes to a series as complex as the Westworld, Altered Carbon is next on the line and it can easily leave you scratching your head on what the heck is going on? Set about 300 years in the future, Altered Carbon is an action packed series with psychedelic vibes, people transferring their consciousness (stack) to a new body (sleeve) in a quick trip to the hospital or at home (the filthy rich people). When a top of the food chain, the richest person on Earth is murdered, Takeshi Kovacs, a highly trained mercenary and the main protagonist of the series is brought back to investigate the murder uncovering many dirty secrets in the new world including his sister.

Where to Stream: Netflix

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2. The Expanse (Seasons- 4)

The Expanse, is one glorious series I have ever watched. The visuals and portrayal in all the seasons so far are stunning which will leave you glued to the screen. Set in distant future where humanity has colonized the solar system and traveling across the solar system is easy-peasy (just take a spacecraft and you will find yourself in the moons of Jupiter and Saturn).

Earth is still very powerful, and tries it’s best to keep peace between Mars and the Outer Planets people (people living on an asteroid belt). With colonization comes war for control over the solar system, constant power struggle over the solar system has made these 3 major power-heads constantly fight and treaties are made to stop each other from annihilating one another.
As a new threat to humanity lurks in the shadows, a police detective, a space-freighter crew band together to investigate and what reveals during the investigation may be the cause of annihilation of the entire human species. The Expanse has 4 seasons on it’s belt, the alien entity remains the core objective of the crew and over the course of four seasons, the narrative becomes more and more complex leading all humanity to a portal, a getaway to another galaxy, a seemingly galactic gold rush, where 1300 planets are waiting to be explored.

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video 

3. Travelers (Seasons- 3)

The Travelers, is another series in this list that invovles transfer of consciousness to host bodies. The Travelers, are a group of people from future, working in large numbers all over the world with one main objective, to change the PRESENT by eliminating major events in the world in the present, which will eventually shape their future. Travelers living in the future who are on the verge of extinction, travel to the present by transferring their consciousness to a host body who has just died, assuming their identities and living their host body’s lives. The series is mainly based on specific missions that are given to the travelers by the Director who moves all the pieces in the future to ensure humanity survives.

Where to Stream: Netflix

4. Dark (Seasons- 2)

A mind-bending time travel series, a series who has the whole world’s attention to what is going to happen in the next 5 minutes or next episode, Dark seriously knows how to keep you on your toes. Dark, Germany’s first Netflix Original Series has quickly become the most popular sci-fi series in the world. A time travel series, where kids and people go missing in a small fictional town, Winden, Germany. The people who goes missing ends up traveling 33 years in the past or 33 years in the future. As one kid sets out on a time travel journey to uncover the suicide of his father, secrets of the town are revealed starting a series of events in the people’s lives in the little town.

Season 3 of the series will be the last season and hopefully we will get all the answers to what happened to the people of Winden.

Where to Stream: Netflix 

5. The 100 (Seasons- 6)

If you want to have an idea of what The 100 series is like, just think of it as the Game of Thrones version of sci-fi series. The 100 on it’s Season 6 presently and one last season to come, explores the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse on planet Earth. As Earth becomes inhabitable, remaining human species take refuge on a Space habitat, the Ark and wait out for Earth to become habitable again. Almost a 100 years later, a group of adolescent criminals are sent back to Earth to determine if it is habitable again.

A fierce battle for survival between the grounders (who survived the nuclear apocalypse) and the people who live in the sky (people of the Ark) takes place in the season 1. With each new season, the survivors fights new threats, aliens and tries desperately to find a new habitable planet to called it their home. Season 7, last season of the series will be out in May so better hurry up and finish the first 6 seasons in order to catch up.
As regard to why the comparisons to GOT, honestly I have lost count of how many people were murdered and killed after the season 1 of The 100. The power struggle on both GOT and The 100 is similar, in both the series, the characters will go above and beyond to achieve their goals, even mass murdering people. Sounds familiar?

Where to Stream: Netflix 

These series will hopefully treat your soul with the dose of action you need. With the world going through a pandemic right now, it almost feel like we are in a sci-fi movie or a series. Stay home, stay safe, take care and enjoy these mind-blowing visual treats. 

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