5 Chic Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas 2020

You already know what week it is, right? Unless you are living under a rock, it’s Valentine’s Day week. You ladies must be preparing full on for the big day on Friday. For this V Day, I have come with 5 Chic and Elegant Outfit Ideas for you girls, these outfits are perfect for a romantic date night or going out with your girlfriends. Who said Valentine’s can be only be for couples? Get your girlfriends together, dress up cute and have a blast.

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5 Chic Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas:

Black Dress

Black cut out dress Similar | Earring (Similar here and here) | Purse Similar | Black Strappy Heels | Bracelet (Similar here and  here)

A black dress can never go wrong, can it? A well fitted body hugging black dress is sure to make your date’s heart go Oh là là, after all you will be dressing up for that special person. Keep the accessories simple and let the dress do all the talking. If you’re staying in colder place don’t forget to throw a nice jacket over your dress. Don’t want to freeze yourself while dressing up good, do you?

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Lace Bralette with Trousers

Lace Bralette (Similar here and here) | Trousers (Similar here and here) | Denim Jacket Similar | Handbag (Similar here and here ) | Strappy Heels Similar

No lace on Valentine’s Day? No way. Lace is such a soft, delicate fabric and if it were given to me to wear everyday I would definitely wear it. Bring the softness of lace on Valentine’s Day by wearing something lace. A lace dress might look a little bit like a night dress, so it’s very important to see what would work best for you and where your date is going to take place.

I would highly recommend lace inserts in tops or like the Bralette I’m wearing here to not look like I just got out of bed. Pair it with denims or nice trousers and a jacket to keep you warm.

Slip Dress

Slip Dress Similar | Sneakers Similar | Owl Earrings Similar | Bracelet (Similar here and here ) | Backpack (Similar here and here)

If you want to take home comfort to your date then a slip dress will be perfect. Red is the color of love, why not wear something in red for the big day like a slip dress in red or in different shade of red. Slip dresses are so comfortable, it’s practically your second skin. If it’s too cold where you live, layer it with turtleneck and a jacket, simple silver jewelry to complement your dress and you are good to go.

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A long Silk skirt

Blouse (Similar here and here) | Purse Similar | Belt (Similar here and here) | Earrings (Similar here and here) | Bracelet Similar

Though dresses are the go-to when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can try something different by wearing an elegant midi skirt and a beautiful button up blouse. Blouses paired with midi skirts looks so classy and divine and are totally on trend. Wear kitten heels or heels according to your comfort and win the heart of your date.

I have wore a slip dress as a midi skirt in this post.

Sexy Slit dress

Slit dress Similar | Purse Similar | High Heels Similar | Hoop Earrings (Similar here and here )

If you want to look very sexy on your date and have no problem with some skin showing, a dress with thigh high slits on both side will do the job. I absolutely love this dress, it is very sexy but doesn’t me look tacky. It is perfectly balanced and white dresses can never look too sexy can it? Wear equally sexy heels and carry a small purse or handbag just for your essentials.

Which one of the above outfits you are going to wear?

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