Beautiful Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day, 2020

Valentine Day is almost here. As I have been taking it upon myself to give you guys a list of movies/shows you can watch every month, I thought why not make a list of movies for Valentine’s Day too. But I wanted to make this list very special and not just throw in some couple of popular romantic movies which you have already watched many times (*ahem The Notebook). I’m going to give you guys a list of beautiful movies, movies that will leave your heart filled with love and passion. It doesn’t matter if you are Single or Taken, in this list you will find a movie for every mood. Here it goes, Enjoy!
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10 Beautiful Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day:

1. Bokeh, to escape into wilderness

I can’t say enough of this movie, this eerily beautiful post apocalyptic sci fi gives me all the feels. While vacationing in Iceland, a couple suddenly realize they are the sole survivor when everyone in the world disappears. As they try to find out what happened to everyone, they start questioning their love and future.
Highly recommending this slow burn and you get to see Iceland in all it’s glory so it’s a total win-win.

2. Eat Pray Love, in finding yourself

Julia Roberts is beautiful, vulnerable and in search of herself in this movie. As she ends her marriage with her husband, Julia goes on a life changing journey. From trying out spaghetti and pastas till her lady pants couldn’t fit anymore in Italy, to finding a good friend in an ashram in India and finally love in Bali, this truly is a great movie if you think you are lost too.

3. Five Feet Apart, for some teenage love

I was really conflicted about this movie, it seemed all similar to the ones where people fall in love, hearts are broken as one of them dies because of cancer or something equally grave.
But as I reached halfway through the movie, I was enjoying it a lot. A teenage love between two cystic fibrosis patients and the fact that they can never touch each other or even kiss and maintain a distance of 5 feet no matter what was intense. My heart melted as they keep their love alive in between all these difficulties, finding all new tricks to be close as much as possible. This movie made me realize how granted we take the power of touch. Watch this movie and give a tight hug to the person you love.

4. Before Sunrise, to start a beautiful conversation

Do you like movies, where two person talks about everything? This movie is a gem, not even 15 minutes into the movie, I felt so happy. An American traveler and a woman on board a train in Europe, starts a harmless conversation about life. What happens next is so beautiful and thought provoking. They decide to spend the last night of his stay in Europe together exploring Vienna talking about everything from love, life and sex. If you like movies where the entire plot is two people talking to each other, you should give this movie a watch! I highly recommend this for the things you will learn from this movie.

5. Warm Bodies, for some zombie love

This movie is probably the most heart warming movie in the ‘zombie’ genre. As the world has been taken over by Zombies, Rrr a male zombie finds a survivor during a hunt and takes upon himself to take care of her in a zombie infested airport. As they grow closer, something starts to happen to the zombies, an unlikely change that sparks a possibility of being human again.

6. The Lunchbox, to make your heart full

In this beautiful Indian movie, we have Irffan Khan as a discipline, hard working widower who is about to retire. As his retirement comes close, he strikes up a beautiful conversation with a lonely housewife through letters sent in a lunchbox.

7. The Proposal, to laugh

Sandra Bullock stars in this film as the beautiful evil boss who has made everyone’s life miserable at the work place especially his talented assistant. But when she is about to get kicked out of the country, she entangles her assistant into a fake engagement in this rom com movie.

8. Begin Again, for the ones who are passionate

Music has always been with us and will be even after we go. In between heartbreaks, a once famous music producer and a young songwriter-singer meet in a bar, decides to create music together everywhere in the city. If you are looking for passion and love for what you do, this is the movie to watch.

9. Letters to Juliet, in search of romance

As a couple goes on a pre honeymoon to the most romantic place on Earth, Amanda Seyfried finds herself in the middle of an old forgotten love, goes on a journey to reunite two lovers and finding true love on the way.

10. Always be my Maybe, because Keanu Reeves makes a cameo

This movie is about two high schoolers who reunites after a long time and fall for each other again but as they grow close they face the difficulty of being together in each other’s opposite world. Do you think they will find a way to be together?
Also Keanu Reeves makes a delicious cameo as Keanu freaking Reeves in his beautiful long hair.

Hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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