How to Clean Your Vacuum Thermoflask without using any Chemicals

Hey guys, there is still so much time for winter to end and some of you may live in places where temperatures are always low. One of winter’s most essential is a good quality, vacuum Thermoflask. Thermoflask is a god sent when it comes to keeping your drinking water, tea, coffee and other liquids piping hot and very convenient to carry everywhere. If you are sitting at home with tea in your Thermoflask or you are going trekking in cold high altitude mountains, Thermoflask will be your best friend to keep you hydrated anywhere you go.
Since, we use Thermoflask almost everyday in our daily lives, it is essential to keep it clean. Repeated use may leave behind odor or white stains on the wall or the bottom of the Thermoflask. Now, cleaning a Thermoflask is not an easy task, as pouring your hot water out of the Thermoflask. As they are not at all flexible, it may be very hard to reach the bottom or clean the wall of a Thermoflask. So how do you clean the stains on the wall of a Thermoflask? I will give you the most simple and easy, no chemicals needed hack so you can use it to clean your Thermoflask at your home in 5 minutes.

Clean Your Vacuum Thermoflask without using any Chemicals:

Things you need:

  1. Thermoflask
  2. 5-6 large chunks of ice or ice cubes
  3. Sea-salt/large grained salt
  4. Hot water

Step 1:

First step into cleaning your Thermoflask is to put the large chunks of ice into the Thermoflask. You have to be careful not to let the ice melt before your actual work is done.

Step 2:

After putting your the ice cubes, immediately add the sea salt/coarse salt to the flask. Depending on your size of your Thermoflask, add the required salt. If you don’t have sea salt, fine salt will do the task too. If you use fine salt add another teaspoon of fine salt to it, so that it will effectively work like the sea salt.

Step 3:

With the ice cubes and salts inside the Thermoflask, close the lid and it’s time to shake the flask vigorously so that the ice cubes and sea salt rubs against the wall of the thermoflask and helps it to scrub off the stains on the wall of the Thermoflask. Do this till the ice melts away. If the stains don’t go away at once, repeat the steps again.

Step 4:

This is the last step. Pour out the ice and salt and wash the Thermoflask with Hot water. Check for any leftover salts and wash it thoroughly with hot water. Your Thermoflask is squeaky clean and ready to use again!

What’s the best thing about the Ice-water mixture solution?

There are other methods too for cleaning a Thermoflask but they are not natural and contain chemicals which may leave behind some residues which can be harmful to our bodies.
Ice and salt doesn’t have any chemicals, so you can safely use them to clean your Thermoflask without any worry.

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