Feel-Good Shows on Netflix You Must Watch This New Year

It’s the start of a new decade and an end of 2019. Just in a day or two we will be entering a whole new decade and it seems almost unreal. What are your plans for the Big 2020 Year? Since you will get too busy writing down your goals and resolutions for next year, how can you forget Netflix who was there for you on your best and worst days. To make the last few days of 2019 more memorable I have come up with a list of Series that you would love to watch with your friends and your partner while cozying up under the blankets. This holidays make sure to get your binge watch done by watching this Feel-Good Series on Netflix.

5 Feel-good  Shows to watch this  New Year on Netflix:

  1. Dynasty

The remake of the hit 1980s CW show, Dynasty, follows the Carringtons stepping up into the 21st century. The Rich and Powerful Carringtons have their own share of family dramas, scandals and tragedies. Fallon, the stubborn business savvy daughter always looking for a victory pat from her dear Daddy, Steven, the emotional son and always on the edge of a nervous breakdown, their estranged mother who can spin lies and manipulate almost anyone to get her way. But one thing is sure, when it comes to parties and celebrations the Carringtons don’t shy away from flaunting their riches. Celebrations are huge in the family, although the lot are always fighting and backstabbing each other to fulfill their desires, the family always comes together for a celebration. I am die hard fan of their women empowerment outfits and would shamelessly raid their closets. Season 3 out now but isn’t available on Netflix yet.

2. Schitt’s Creek

What happened to the proud Rosses? Whatever happened to them, they surely can’t fare well this time. From getting gutted by their business partner and losing everything with not a dime left, the Rosses are forced to move to a tiny town, Schitt’s Creek, which Mr Roses bought as a joke for his son a long time ago. Losing everything and suddenly without any money left to survive, the family tries to settle down in Schitt’s Creek and learn to live in a simpler way in this award winning comedy series. All Seasons are available on Netflix now.

3. Merry Happy Whatever

It’s Christmas and New Year Time at the Quinn’s and the prodigal daughter returns with her not so well-to-do boyfriend, Matt to meet with her stubborn father and the rest of the family. The Quinns are hilarious and love to put their spouses on fire and they constantly remind the new boyfriend of his place. As painful as it may sound for the boyfriend to be stuck with the family who clearly isn’t positive about him, things start to change at the Quinn’s when the sheriff father has a change of heart. Highly recommended for some good laughs on Netflix.

4. Working Moms

Dive into the worlds of Working Mothers on Netflix who meet up at a center and discusses their new found motherhood, their struggles and the occasional very blunt complaints. Fall in the love with the funny, confident and bold mothers of Working Moms who will not bow down in the eyes of society. Although some may sound outright like psychopaths, these series do give us a real side of what motherhood looks like.

5. The Crown

A beautiful take on the Royals of England, The Crown tells the story of a young Elizabeth II who becomes Queen of England at a very young age and how she takes on her role as a young Queen, the many responsibilities that befalls upon her and the scandals that could destroy the Crown. Season 3 is available on Netflix now and shows the Queen in her 40s fighting to stay relevant in the eyes of the public and her fight to keep her family together.
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Are  you ready for a long winter Netflix binge watch? Comment down your favourite feel-good series on Netflix.

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