5 Summer Pieces You can Easily Wear in Winter

Winter is here and it’s time to pack all our summer clothes, No, No I didn’t say that. Everyone brought so many summer outfits in summer, those sexy mini dresses, skirts, bralletes and all the summer staples guilt freely. Now you are about to put it all back in the wardrobe, only to wear it again next summer. Well, you don’t have to now. It’s very easy to include your summer clothes into winter wardrobe. You just need the will and patience to make it work.

I myself brought so many summer pieces, as I am going through my clothes, I found out 5 summer pieces that I can still wear without compromising my style and keeping me snug during the winter.

Let’s find out how we can easily transition our summer clothes to winter.

5 Summer Pieces You Can Easily Wear in Winter

1. Dresses

Mini Dress (Similar here and here ) | Jacket (Similar here and here ) | Knee High Boots (Similar here and here ) | Sling Bag (Similar here and here )

Don’t waste all the cute mini dresses you got in the summer. You can easily wear mini dresses in winter, all you need is the right layering pieces. You can wear a heavy duty jacket over your dress if your weather demands it. Keep it light with a structured blazer or jacket if you live in a place where it doesn’t get too cold.

Your feet needs to be warm and stylish, bring your knee high boots out and wear it with your dress. It will instantly make your outfit stylish and chic.

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Top Tip: Go for dark colored dresses (olive, green, maroon) and stay away from your summery prints and floral dresses.

2. Cropped Shirts

DIY Cropped Shirt (Similar here and here) | Skinny Jeans (Similar here and here) | Transparent Heels (Similar here and here ) | Handbag (Similar here and here )

Who said you can’t wear cropped pieces in winter? Full sleeved cropped shirts are in trend and they look extremely sexy with a pair of skinny jeans. You can go for plain, plaid or checkered shirts. This look is great for a day out and you can still wear your favorite pair of heels without letting your feet suffer from cold. Carry a light jacket if you plan on staying out till the sun goes down.

Note: I am wearing a DIY cropped shirt. I trimmed a long shirt into a cropped one.

3. Mini Skirts

Hoodie (Similar here and here ) | Mini Skirt (Similar here and here ) | White Sneakers Similar | Sunglasses Similar

Don’t abandoned the mini skirt yet. You can work your way with mini skirts in so many ways. To keep the essence of the skirt, wear a hoodie with it. You can either go for a cropped hoodie or just a hoodie. Tuck the hoodie inside your bra if you want to bare your mid riff. Pair this sexy outfit with a knee high boots and you are good to go! This look is great for a party/club scene.

4. Long Bodycon Dress

Long Black Bodycon Dress 

Bodycon Dress (Similar here and here ) | Oversized Sweater (Similar here and here ) | Belt | Handbag (Similar here and here ) | Sneakers Similar

If you have long bodycon dresses that fits you like a glove you might want to hold it off from sending it back of your wardrobe. A very fun way to warm up from your sleeveless bodycon dress is to wear a fluffy oversized sweater over your dress.

You can bring definition to your outfit by cinching at the waist with a belt. This will give you a sleek look to your otherwise oversized sweater. You can go for sneakers or booties with this look. This is my favorite look from this list and you will find me donning this outfit pretty often.

5. Bralette

Brallete (Similar here and here ) | High Waisted Pants Similar  | Jacket (Similar here and here ) | Ankle Strap Heels Similar 

Are you obsessed with Bralette just like me? If yes, this one is for you. I have a wide collection of bralletes and it breaks my heart not being able to wear it as winter approaches. Bralletes are the cutest thing and I have found a way to keep these cuties around.

You can wear your cute bralletes with a heavy duty jackets/hoodies and a pair of high waisted tailored pants. I have been wearing bralletes with high waisted pants and I can’t tell you how good it looks put together. Now you can flaunt your bralletes in parties, day outs and romantic getaways.

Hope this helps you rocking your summer pieces even in Winter.

What summer pieces are you taking into your winter wardrobe?

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