5 Simple and Easy Nail Paint Ideas!

I have a confession to make. I am crazy and obsessed about nail paints. At my place, I have a huge box of nail paints and if I ever run out of money, I can possibly make some money out of it. Haha! Okay, nail paints are a girl’s best friend if you like painting your nails like I do. It brings a pop of color to your hands, that feminine touch and sometimes giving luxe feelings with the right nail paints. In this post, I have made of list of simple and easy nail paint ideas for all the moods, be it office or party wear. Let’s dig in!

5 Simple and Easy Nail Paint Ideas:

1. For the Party Goers

Hmn, for party goers I can’t think of anything other then some sparkles and glitters. It’s the perfect occasion to show off your glittery side. And imagine the sparkling of your freshly done nails in the club. So much sass!

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I don’t like clubbing but I do have a great collection of glitters, shimmery, sparkly nail colors in my great nail collection box. I love the way it gives you an ultimate luxe feeling to your hands and also transforms your outfit into a glamorous one.

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For the first nail idea, I have used a black nail paint as a base and applied the Unmellow Yellow go graffiti from the ‘Party Girl’ collection of Maybelline New York Color Show nail paints. Unmellow Yellow is a clear gel nail paint and contains a lot of chunky neon yellowish hexagonal flecks. Using a black nail paint as a base has given my nails the bold and opaque look. In other times you can simply use this clear graffiti nail paint on it’s own to give a subtle art to your nails.

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For the second glitter nail paint idea, I have used ‘Starry Nights‘ from the  Maybelline New York Color Show ‘Glitter Mania’ range. It is a great, awesome black shimmering nail paint with silver sparkles that is 3D, yeah, you heard me right. The shimmering effect is 3D and it gives a smooth, glossy and high end finish. As the name suggest it does feels like you are wearing stars on your nails.

Note: However, the glitter nail paints are very tough to remove from your nails, try this dip and twist nail paint remover for easy removal.

Tip: If you remove your nail paint traditionally with wipes/cotton pads, top tip is to press the nail remover wipe on to the nail paint and hold it for a minute, the nail remover will absorb the nail paint and it will remove the nail paint in one simple swipe.

2. For the Sophisticated One

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To all the sophisticated ladies, this one is for you. This dusky pink nail shade from Faces Canada splash collection is neither too funky nor too lame. It’s perfect for a causal date night or a formal event when you don’t want to go loud with your nails. Also those who don’t like dark colors in their collection can go for this shade.

3. For the Office goers

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We all know we have to strictly abide by office rules and dress accordingly. That doesn’t mean you go bare on your nails. White is the universal office color, it’s neutral, not too loud and gives a clean and crisp look. If you are bored of the usual white color, spice it up with a off white number. You can also try this transparent shimmer shade for those days where you don’t have to follow the dress code.

5. For the Quirky ones (Nail Arts)

Nail arts is one of my favorite things to do. Be it on my nails or my girlfriends nails. I am always up for some quirky nail arts, they are so much fun to do. The time and patience it takes is worth everything. My girlfriends are always loving the new ways I’m revamping their nails. Nothing beats the happiness that I receive when I see the smiles on their faces.

In this post, I have gone super simple with my nail arts. I have gone for a shape, a Triangle. Using black nail paint as a base and for the triangle I used a white nail paint to draw the art and it looks amazing with the color contrast. Let me know in the comments, if you want me to do more of these nail arts on the blog.

6. Beat the Monday Blues

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Tired of the usual blues, why not beat your nail blues by applying this stunning golden shimmer dark blue nail paints. If you are a shimmer craze person this nail paint is an absolute must. It’s rich in color, opaque, luxe yet pocket friendly. Take your glittery, luxurious nails out and about and stun everyone!

Are you grabbing your nail paints right now? Go get them and create your own styles.



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