6 Shows like Mindhunter You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix!

Mindhunter series has got me hooked since the first episode. My weakness for crime dramas couldn’t resist the series that is set in 1977, the early days of FBI studying the minds and behaviors of convicts who have committed violent crimes. Based on true events, two FBI agents interviews United States most violent criminals that has led to the modern profiling of criminal which has made catching and studying serial killers much easier.

Season 1 was amazing with some of the  most cold-hearted interview sessions with some famous serial killers. Notorious serial killers like Ed Kemper (the co-ed killer), Richard Speck and Jerry Brudos were chilling. The interviews were so gross at times, it will leave you goosebumps for days.

Season 2 was somewhat satisfying, but not as good as season 1 according to me. However, the Atlanta murder cases that mount up to 29 black victims was the saving grace of this season.

Oh and by the way, The BTK Killer is still out there!

If you have already watched Mindhunter and looking for more twisted psychological series to stream on Netflix.

Here is a list of 6 Shows like MINDHUNTER that you can stream on Netflix right now!

1. You

Who would have thought Penn Badgely (Dan) from Gossip Girl, the sweet, innocent Brooklyn guy can be a compulsive serial killer. Well he is in this series. A quiet, library guy, Penn plays Joe who stalks first and falls in love with an aspiring female writer who came to his bookstore. A romance filled with love and respect soon turns to an obsession, Joe being the master manipulator, pushing Beck further away and initiating an investigation of her own into Joe’s past life. Secrets are revealed, secrets that Beck wish didn’t found out.

Season 2 is currently on the making and the season 1 finale has taken everyone by surprise by introducing one pivotal character leaving a huge cliffhanger.

2. The Sinner, Season 1: Cora

Another psychological series, about a woman who stabs a man to death in board daylight in front of 100 witnesses and blanks out. Detective Harry Ambrose tries to help Cora remember the events that led her to murdering a man who she claims has no connections with the deceased. Is Cora innocent? The man she killed was it someone from her past, a past she can’t remember? You have to watch the series yourself to find out.

Note: The Sinner S2 is out and it has no connection to the previous season. Jessica Biel doesn’t reprise her role as Cora. Detective Ambrose reprises his role, taking another puzzling murder case.

3. The Alienist

Set towards the end of the 19th century, this series shows New York City, entering a new modern era and also the increasing number of teen boys getting butchered by a serial killer who carefully demonstrates his sheer hatred towards teen male prostitutes. Enter Dakota Fanning, the first woman to work for NYC police force, a newspaper illustrator (John Moore) and a renowned criminal psychologist, Dr Laszlo (Daniel Brühl) who race against time to stop the killings that has plagued the people of New York City.

4. The Fall

The Fall is a British-Irish series starring Gillian Anderson as Detective Stella Gibson and Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector, a serial killer. I knew it, something’s wrong with Jamie Dornan since watching the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. The man just can’t be a normal person around ladies. Haha, just kidding! Jamie Dornan acts brilliantly, leading a double life as a loving father and a husband, and a sexual predator by night. When well to do women are being tortured and murdered around Northern Ireland, Gillian Anderson, a brilliant detective from London is sent to investigate the murders.

5. Perfume

A sad, twisted psychological series about love, sex and the extent to which people will go to pursue love. This German series, a one of its kind I came across on Netflix, revolves around perfume making, a perfume made after killing unique women and extracting their scent glands. Ewww! Detective Nadja Simon, who is nose blind (smell doesn’t have any effect on her like it has on others) begins her investigation into the mysterious murders while juggling with her own personal demons.

6. Delhi Crime

Lastly, my top pick is based on true events, that happened right here in this country. I seriously don’t have much to tell about the series, it is extremely sensitive and heart breaking. It was quite painful to finish the series and it took a heavy toll on me. However painful it was, the series is brilliant with actors beautifully portraying their roles. I highly recommend and request you guys to watch this series.

Bonus: Hannibal

Well Hannibal is not at all based on sexual deviancy or anything related to torture and killing for one’s sexual pleasure. But in Hannibal the main antagonist, Dr Hannibal Lecter does take pleasure in killing people who apparently has “bad manners” and later indulging in gourmet meals that he cooks himself by using his victim’s organs (liver, kidneys, heart you name it).

A rich serial killer with charisma dripping everywhere and an amazing cook. What else do you need?

Have you watched any of the series mentioned in this list? Comment down your favorite crime drama series available on Netflix.

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