How to Dress for a Party: Black Party Wear Edition

Want to go all out this summer party season? If you like going out to parties or just go out every weekend, you must bring your A-game to your outfits. With summer the choices are endless, dresses, skirts, pants are ideal with cutouts here and there and you are all ready to party.

My feminine side goes crazy when I’m invited to a birthday party or I’m going out with my girlfriends. I always plan out my outfit a week ahead and make necessary changes on the go.

I have curated four party wears that is bold, fierce yet feminine. This party season be feminine, be bold.

I go all out when it’s time to party, do you?

Four Ways to Get Party Ready:

A Classic Black Dress:

Body-con Black Dress (Similar here and here ) | Blue Drop Earrings (Similar here and here ) |  Rose Gold Bracelet | Black Clutch Similar  | Black Ankle Strap Heels ( Similar )

Everyone has a black dress in their wardrobe for that casual dinner date, a party or an event where slipping into a long/little black dress is the most easy and effortless way of glamming up your party wear. For this post I have slipped into a long black body-con dress. This dress fits me like a glove and gives an illusion of being tall because of its slim fit. I like to spice up my outfits so I have gone for a plunging neckline with front cutouts which is a little risqué but with a little confidence anyone can pull off this fabulous black dress.

For my own confidence, I have worn nipple pasties inside, so I can enjoy my day out without getting distracted by bra strings peeking out of my dress.

Keeping my accessories simple, I went with a beautiful pair of royal blue drop earrings and a pink bracelet. I didn’t go for any neck piece as the plunging neckline does the job. Finishing off the look with a beautiful gold and black clutch and a pair of black ankle strap heels.

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Cool Party Girl with A Tube Top:

Black Tube Top (Similar here and here ) | Grey Pants (Similar here and here ) | Outerwear (Similar here and here ) | Sling Bag (Similar here and here ) | Black Heels

For a Friday or a Weekend night out, it’s necessary to choose your outfits beforehand. Are you going clubbing? Are you going out for a dinner date with your best friends or your significant other?

For clubbing, a dress might seem too restrictive unless it’s a mini dress or a flowy short dress to keep everything in place. The best way to go clubbing is to wear a nice pair of pants and a sexy top to show off that gorgeous beautiful body.

I have worn a pair of grey pants to go with my sexy black tube top. If a tube top gets in the way of dancing your heart out, go for a spaghetti top or a shimmery top which will add the required shine to your clubbing outfit. A blazer or a coat to keep you warm when you are done clubbing. Wear comfortable shoes or medium heels when you go partying.

Clubbing Tips: It is absolutely necessary to carry a little purse or a sling bag to just carry your essentials (phone, lipstick, mirror, perfume etc). A huge bag will only create unnecessary problem of tagging alone and storing it safely.

Slay in a Matching Set:

Lacey Bralette ( Similar herehere and here ) | Black Pencil Skirt (Similar here and here ) | Crystal Earrings (Similar here and here ) | Silver Choker Similar | Black Purse Similar | Black Heels 

Who doesn’t love a sexy matching set? Be a it a set of pants or skirt its very easy to style matching sets as they already come in matching colors and prints.

And all black matching skirt set is an ideal outfit for a birthday party or any other occasion where the memo is written FANCY.

The outfit I’m wearing is not a set but it’s very easy to find a black pencil skirt and a sexy black blouse or top to make it into a matching set.

I am wearing a lacey brallete and a knee length pencil skirt that screams Fancy from afar. Again keeping the accessories simple, I wore a pair of white crystal earrings and a silver pendant choker to bring some contrast in the outfit. Finishing the look by carrying my favorite black clutch and wearing my black ankle strap heels.

Show off your Legs in a High Slit Pants:

Black Crop Top Similar | High Slit Pants (Similar here and here ) | Pink Handbag (Similar here and here ) | Black Belt (Similar here and here ) | Black Heels 

Another sexy party outfit can be done with a high slit. It is effortless and it looks very flattering when you are walking and your legs play peekaboo with your thigh high slit.

I’m wearing a pair of pink velvet pants with thigh high slits on both sides. To balance off the thigh high slits I have gone for a simple black crop top. A black belt around my waist to finish off the look.

I carried a little pink handbag which is an absolute cutie and wore my black ankle strap heels.

You can also go for a single thigh high slits or no slits at all, just a fabulous pair of shimmery/velvety pants and you are all set for partying.

These are the four party wears that are quite easy to pull off for your next day out or a night out.

Tell me how you dress up for a Party in the comment.

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