10 Best Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Girls

Friendship Day is here! It’s almost a week away and we are all going frenzy on what to get our best friends this friendship day. Best friends do deserve to get spoiled by you on this special day. If you are at a loss on what to get your best friend this friendship day, don’t fret. I have curated a list of the finest and coolest gift ideas that you can treat your girlfriends with this friendship day.

10 Best Friendship Day Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend:

  • Key chain, Jewelry, Friendship bands

Jewelries are a girl’s best friend. Be it tiny precious stones or chunky, loud in your face kind of jewelry, we all love to have them in our jewelry box. I personally love tiny earrings and pendants and I have a generous collection of it. But I would still love to get jewelry as a gift. So this friendship day, get your best friend, a pair of statement earrings or a pendant. Bracelets are also another beautiful idea to gift.

Key-chains are another good gifting idea for your best friend. If she has certain characters that she love like anime characters, then you can get her favorite anime character on a key chain.

Tiny soft teddy bear key chain is another cute key chain idea. Glossy metal key chains for the ones who are not very girlish.

Friendship bands are another great gift idea. You can go friendship quotes, or cool and quirky ones for your girlfriend. The choices are endless.

  •  Power Bank

We always have that one girlfriend in every group who always carries her power bank wherever she goes and she is a life savior for the rest of group when it comes to charging their smartphones or laptops.

For the girlfriend who can’t step out of her house without her power bank this friendship day why not get her a power bank. She will be touched by this little techie gesture.

  • Beauty box

Alright if you don’t know what is a beauty subscription box, let me help you. A beauty subscription box is an online service where you can subscribe to a beauty box brand, a curated box full of make up, skin care and cosmetics. The brands come up with different international or local products each month so you get to try different products each month. You get up-to 5 to 8 products worth 2000-3000 rupees for half the price of it. Isn’t that great? If you don’t want to subscribe, you can make a single purchase, no subscriptions needed. Not only are you exposed to many new international brands you also get to support the local ones too.

If your bestie is huge on skincare and cosmetics, this beauty box is the perfect gift for her. Most of the brands are now providing natural and sustainable products to their customers. The price of a beauty box ranges from 500 to 1500 rupees, depending on the number of products you want, the more luxe brands you choose, higher is the price.

I have purchased many beauty boxes, my favorites are the fab bag, the envy box, the violet box and lujo box. If you want to gift a jewelry box, you can go for this jewelry box.

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  •  Phone Case

Smartphones have dominated our lives. We don’t go out anywhere without our phones and everyone tries to convey a message subtly through their phone cases. Be it a song lyric, a cool quote, a photograph or an artistic piece of their favorite artist, phone cases has become an indispensable part of our lives.

For the girlfriend who likes her phone cases as much as her smartphone, this friendship day gift her the coolest phone case so she can flaunt it everywhere she goes.

  • Outfit Shopping

Now who doesn’t love shopping with their best friends? If you and your girlfriend loves shopping this is a great opportunity. This friendship day take your best friend outfit shopping. An outfit you can choose for her or she can choose for herself. Now as you are not a millionaire yet, you have to set a budget for your best friend. Be honest about the budget you have set to your girlfriend so it won’t be a problem later and you can both enjoy shopping to the fullest.

  • A Diary

A dream diary or a personal diary is a another budget friendly gift idea that you can go for this friendship day. There are so many beautiful dairies available on book stores and online shopping apps, finding that one special dairy for your best friend won’t be a hard task.

  • Spa Sessions

If you and your girlfriend love to splurge, why not go for a relax spa session? Book a spa appointment at your favorite place you both often go or try a new space and surprise her. This surprise gift will surprise the hell out of her for sure.

For a more pocket friendly spa session, go for a DIY Spa session at your home or surprise her at her home. With this you can include anything from hair masks to a movie. Decor the room beautifully to give it a spa room vibes, your spa session may include face mask to hair mask, make-up, a pedicure and a manicure, your favorite movie ending with a sleepover. This is a great way to spend friendship day with your best friend if you don’t want to spend so much but still want to have a good time.

  • Customized t-shirt and Denim jackets

A customized t-shirt with her favorite quote or her favorite character can be another great friendship day gift. Customized denim jackets with patches or embroidery or a painting will surely spice up her wardrobe and she will have you to thank for it.

  •  Chocolates and Bouquet

 Another easy gift this friendship day is to get your chocolate lover best friend all the chocolates she can eat. You can send a fresh bouquet of flowers and a card along with the chocolates expressing your feelings about your friendship to her and why she is the only best friend in your life.

  • Go on a Mini Trip

If you and your bestie have been planning on a girls trip together, then it is the perfect timing to go on a trip. Be it a weekend trip or that long awaited vacation, make this friendship day more memorable with a trip with your best friend.

If you are from Guwahati or Meghalaya, this boathouse on a private island in Umaim, could be the perfect getaway place to celebrate the day.

Are you excited about Friendship Day? Let me know in the comments what are you planning for your best friend this Friendship Day.



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