5 latest Summer Fashion Trends to try out this Summer!

Summer is here! And as much as we girls want to laze around all day in our short shorts and a top bun, we still need to get out and face the world. With summer time it can get hella confusing to chose between comfort and being put together at the same time. So I have come up with this ingenious way to cover all the latest summer staples in a single blog post.

I’m super excited as I have brought together the leading fashion bloggers from all over North East in this post and they want to share their favorite summer outfits with you. A huge shout out to my ladies who has come forward and helped me put this post together. You guys rock!

Let’s begin our summer fashion therapy, shall we?

5 latest Summer Trends to try out this Summer!

Skirrrt Away

Black over-sized graphic t-shirt (Similar here and here ) | Floral skirt (Similar here and here ) | White Sling bag ( Similar here and here ) | Ankle Strap Stilettos ( Similar here and here )

Skirts are so comfortable in summer, they are a versatile piece that goes well with tops, t-shirts, cute bralettes (Read: how to style bralettes) and what not? I am wearing this floral knee length skirt with a black over-sized graphic t-shirt I have half tucked the t-shirt to give it a baggy style. This ensemble is inspired by Asian street style and is so comfortable and keeps you cool throughout the day without any air flow restriction unlike the jeans you wear on daily basis. Made my hair into space buns and I absolutely love my hair here, made me feel like oh so cute! Pairing the outfit with a white sling bag and white ankle strap stilettos, I’m all ready to skirrt away.

Tip: If you want to feel a tad bit more bold, you can opt for animal print skirts too with a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Animal prints are all over this season.

Pretty in Yellow by Peri Brahma

My good friend Peri, one of the leading blogger of Guwahati has come up with this gorgeous yellow ruffle dress with cute back details to die for.

About her outfit:

She says, “Summers and easy flowy dresses go hand in hand. This pretty yellow dress in strips from SHEIN not just looks vibrant but the detailing with the tie-up makes it stand out from the ordinary. With this as the colors are already vibrant, you don’t really need to do much. Pair it with flats or heels or your favorite white sneakers as it would get along with any footwear.”

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peri_brahma6/

Out of your comfort Zone by Ziean

My all time favorite blogger, Ziean knows how to rock all the risqué trend, Cycling shorts remains the most popular summer trend and yet a little too much for some. But hey if you love these shorts, Ziean tells you how to slay it.

About her outfit:

Top (Similar here and here )| Cycling Shorts (Similar ) | Baseball cap (Similar here and here ) | Socks Similar

| White Sneakers (Similar here and here )

She says, “Cycling shorts are one of the most stylish and comfortable outfit you could ever carry. Well I didn’t want to play around much with my neon bike shorts so I paired with just a basic white turtle neck crop top. To witness a sporty vibes I chose to wear baseball cap and a reebok classic shoe. A white socks with the word “F***off” to give the badass vibes.

Check out her Blog: http://www.glamuppills.com/

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ziean0/

Boss babe by Dikila Barfungpa

I can just tell Dikila is the queen of all Suits and Jumpsuits. The way she carries that boss babe look in her every outfit, it is just amazing and I am such a fan of her.

About her outfits:

A well tailored co-ords has been in the latest summer trends. We all love a tailored suit and a good looking jumpsuit to go for that formal or boss babe look. I have put together two of my favorite looks from Dikila‘s page, a Pink Jumpsuit and a Turquoise Blazer Pants Set.

Pink Jumpsuit: 

Pink Jumpsuit (Similar here and here ) | Sun Hat Similar | Sunnies Similar | Earrings (Similar here and here ) | Platform heels (Similar here and here )

The pink jumpsuit is an epitome of elegance. This jumpsuit can instantly elevate your style quotient and make you look so put together. Letting the jumpsuit to be the center of attraction, Dikila keeps it simple with a black hat, silver earrings, high heels, stylish sunnies and a pop of red for her lips.

Turquoise Blazer Pants Set: 

Blazer (Similar here and here )| Pants (Similar here and here ) | Large Hoop Earrings Similar  |  Heels (Similar here and here )

For all the boss babes who doesn’t like to compromise with their professional looks, a blazer pants set like Dikila’s can be worn to your work place or the casual meetings that takes place outside the office space. To complete the casual look, she has paired it with large hoop earrings and dark green open toe platform solid heels.

Tip: For a more casual and bold look you can go for this Gibraltar Sea Blazer and Black Yellow Pants , the pop of color will surely make many head turns towards you.

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styleandstrike__/

Check out her Blog: https://styleandstrike22.blogspot.com/?m=1

Indian fusion by Sukanya Gogoi

Last but not the least, all of us needs a beautiful ethnic outfit for that special occasion at home or any other event. Sarees are elegant but it doesn’t do well in summer. Not for us ladies who have no practice of wearing it daily.

About her outfit:

This summer to be on top of the latest summer trends, go for easy going, flowy ethnic wears. To keep the heat in control, and still look your best, a kurta with flowy pants, or a long skater skirt is your best go.

Kurta (Similar here and here ) | Ethnic Palazzo (Similar here and here ) | Earrings Similar | Heels Similar

Sukanya knows how to do Traditional, she creates a lot of modern outfits, a fusion of both Indian and Western and stuns every time. This skater skirt salwar kameej is my favorite of her recent Indian look. She has paired this beautiful printed white salwar kameej with a baby blue skater skirt which gives enough room to move around freely. Simple make up with a pair of gorgeous earrings and towering glittery ankle strap heels, she carries this look effortlessly and ohh so elegant!

Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sukanya_gogoi_/

I hope you got your style inspirations from these fashionistas and look your very best this summer.

Will you try out these latest summer trends?

See you soon!



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