Minimalistic, Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Him! Pt. 2

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing great as it is my first blog anniversary 👏🏼. Today is the day when I posted my first blog dedicating Priyangshu writing a few pointers about minimalistic gift ideas for man. And I just thought why not do a part two because it is my beau’s birthday and another dedication for always supporting me since Day 1.

Well I have planned something special and a little over the budget surprise for Priyangshu, I just want to blow his mind off. (Haha) I just can’t wait. I’m pretty nervous and psyched about it. But hey, let’s get started on the Minimalistic gifting ideas. Shall we?

5 Minimalistic Gift Ideas for Your Man

1. Books:

If your guy likes reading books, this is a great opportunity to gift him his favorite book. This might be tricky given there are so many genres, you might opt for some mind reading. Try to know what books he frequently reads. Be it an Anime, soul searching or a classic book of poems, it is a sure certain he will appreciate this one. You can buy books for him here and here.

2. Customize T-shirts:

Customize things are very much intimate. This time prepare a gift that is intimate and fun. Take a few favorite phrases or words that he likes or a sentence that signifies your love to your beau. There are a lot of websites online that sell customize T-shirts. Get in touch and tell them what you want.

My boyfriend is addicted to Fortnite, so in order to tease him, I customized this T-shirt that says “Eat, Sleep, Fortnite, Repeat”. Ain’t it cute? No time to customize? Get your customized t-shirt directly from here.

3. Zip Closure Leather Wallet:

Need to say anything more about Wallets? There are many different types of wallets with different price tags. But Leather Wallets are the best in quality and durability.

To put a cherry on top of your gift is to get your man a Zip Closure Leather Wallet. It is so essential to keep all the things inside the wallet safe. Important things like Driver’s license, ATM cards and other important papers are carried around on daily basis. A Zip Closure Wallet will keep everything in its place and I am sure, he will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

4. Succulent Plants:

Another cost effective and easy gift is to get him a succulent plant. Succulent plants don’t need much care and makes excellent decor on a coffee table or his working desk.

You can even opt for a fake succulent plant. There are so many beautiful, tiny little fake succulents that will brighten up his working space and No need of Watering!

Live Haworthia Fasciata Zebra Succulent

Buy live succulent plant here.

Fake Succulent Plant

Buy fake succulent plants here .

5. Photo Frames:

This is a classic gift idea but is always huge no matter what occasion it is. The best way to preserve your memories is to keep a photograph of you and your boyfriend when you went on that special weekend trip or when you went to a local photo booth.

Go for simple photo frames, like matte color frames or wooden frames keeping it simple and classy.

For those who wants to go all out (No Budget):

If you want to surprise your boyfriend this birthday and you are not limited on resources then the best way is to surprise him with a Weekend Getaway Trip.

You can book a Hotel/Homestay/Resort away from the city, where you can spend the weekend, just the two of you. City life is hard so unplugged yourselves with good food, or just laze around in your PJs.

If both of you are adventurous, make sure the place you booked has variety of activities available for the guest.

If not, you can go hiking nearby or just stroll around the property. It is a great way to spend time together and creating new memories.

When you return from your trip, you will be full of good energy and your boyfriend will be bursting with happiness.

Hope you like this post on Minimalistic Gift Ideas. What do you think is the ideal Gift? Let me know in the comments.



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