3 Easy DIY Hacks to keep your Thigh Boots from Slouching

Why Thigh High Boots are huge in Fashion?

Thigh high boots trend is the epitome of fall/winter fashion. Everyone loves a good, fitting thigh high boots that can be worn with anything and everything which makes it such a versatile piece in your wardrobe. It has that oomph effect that can dramatically change an unflattering outfit and make it a dashing, flattering to your body outfit and make you the center of attraction. Doesn’t everyone wants to be the center of attraction?

Why people dislike Thigh High Boots?

But with every great things there comes some stuffs that makes many women to ditch these stylish pieces and stick to ankle boots and sneakers. One serious and hazardous problem of thigh high boots is that it can easily get loose if not properly taken care of and leads to slouching which becomes a liability to your entire outfit and God, it’s very distressing.

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I’m a huge lover of thigh high/over the knee boots and it does goes with every outfit I have in my wardrobe. So it’s essential for me to keep the boots in place and not to be scared of my boots to slide off my thighs and slouch. With every outfit, I make sure everything is perfect so I won’t have to rush to the bathroom to fix any malfunction or embarrass myself in public.

With experimenting my own over the knee boots, I came up with 3 very easy, cost effective hacks to keep my over the knee boots in place and strut my stuff in confidence. I want to share these hacks with you beautiful people so you can try it for yourself, finally embrace these stylish pieces and say goodbye to slouchy boots.

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3 Easy DIY Hacks to keep your Thigh Boots from

The things I needed to get rid of slouchy boots are just lying around your place or you can get it in any craft store and won’t cost you much.

All you need is:

1. Thigh High/Over the Knee boots,

2. A pair of thick thigh high stockings (black),

3. Double side adhesive tape, and

4. Safety Pins.

Let’s get crafty!!

1. Wearing Thigh High Stockings

This is the most common and effective way of keeping your boots in place. Stockings of any color (I mostly prefer thick black opaque stockings) when worn under your thigh high boots can prevent it from slouching. This hack is best for those women whose boots fits almost perfectly and they just want a little more support.

2.Using Double side Adhesive tape

I definitely belong to this category. My boot size is perfect for my feet but I have skinny legs and it does create problems for me to get this sleek thigh high boots look. I always suffer from slouchy boots and it make my entire outfit unflattering.

Even the first hack (wearing stockings under my boots) doesn’t work for me. I need more support.

The second method is simple, you will need double side adhesive tape that you can buy from any store.

Step 1. Wear your stockings.

Step 2. Position them just below your boots where it ends.

Step 3. Apply one side of the adhesive tape to each of your stockings.

Step 4. Wear your boots over your stockings.

Step 5. Peel off the other strip of the adhesive tape and apply it to the inner side of your boots.

Make sure the tape is applied properly to both the stocking and the boots. Stand up and check thoroughly. Make sure the adhesive tape cannot be seen by others (or it will be a fashion disaster)

Viola! You are ready to go.

3.Using Safety Pins

If you feel you cannot trust the adhesive tape and it may come out while you are walking. I have another foolproof hack for you. Instead of using adhesive tape you can just use a few safety pins.

Step 1.Wear your stockings.

Step 2. Position them just below your boots where it ends.

Step 3. Wear your boots over the stockings.

Step 4. Take a few safety pins and carefully pin the stockings and boots together. You are ready to go.

These are the hacks that has helped me from getting slouchy boots.

A Few Shots of me wearing Over The Knee Boots using the above mentioned hacks:

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A few precautions can be taken to further prevent the slouching of boots:

1. Keep the shoes in upright position with the help of boot clips.

2. Stuffed your boots with newspaper or old magazine to maintain the shape of your boots.

3. Buy leather boots if you can afford it. Leather boots don’t lose their shape very easily.


Hope you like the easy hacks to get rid of slouchy Thigh High Boots. Do share your views in the comment section.

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See you soon, till then Take Care!



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