An Intimate Affair: the tale of Magic Bra!

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How are you? I’m fine by the way. So this post is going to be a lady-centric, you boys are welcome too because you can learn a thing or two. Welcome everyone!

The Instagram Magic Bra

I will be discussing about the Magic Bra, that took over the world last year especially on Instagram, it is also known as the “Instagram Magic Bra” obviously for the reasons it got famous on this social media app.

Being a lady myself, I am always conscious about my clothing specially when it comes to undergarments. I want everything to be perfect inside my outfit so I feel confident every time I go out.

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When it comes to undergarments there are so many varieties, I myself don’t know all about it, but it’s very important to get to know the different kinds of undergarments to get the best results out of it. The Perfect Outfit!

When Magic Bra came out, I was very curious because I, as many other ladies who love wearing dresses that shows substantial amount of skin or outfits that have designs/cutouts that requires a bra that sticks only to our breasts, no straps and backless. That’s a Bra every girl needs.

The Search for the Magic Bra

So I pondered over many reviews and videos I could find about this special kind of Bra. There were so many websites that were selling this Bra, I was scared to trust or most important losing my money and the hope to get this perfect bra. And at last putting faith on myself I ordered one. I ordered from a website named “Distinctive Artefacts India” and there was a sale on these bras so I got it for 599. It was a sweet deal. I ordered a small size, 32 A. But it took me almost a month to receive the package and when it arrived I was both excited and scared at the same time.

Review of Magic Bra

I will be reviewing the Magic Bra for you ladies. If you really want a bra that is strapless and backless, and give you that sexy cleavage, you should definitely get this one. It’s great and works amazingly. It’s the Bra of the century.

The shape of the bra varies, mostly round or comes in oval shape. I got the later one in the nude color.

I must say, you have to handle it very carefully.

How to Use it:

  1. First you have to peel off the plastic from the bra, remember you must save the plastics so you can put it back later after use.
  2. Loosen the drawstrings, gather all your breast from both sides as much as you can to the center and put on the sticky part of the bra.
  3. There is a part in the middle with no glue for your nipples, so make sure your nipples meets the non sticky part.
  4. After adjusting to your comfort, pull the drawstrings to get that cleavage you always dreamed of.

Simple as that. After use, put the plastics back on to the sticky side.


During the first few uses, it may be tough to peel it off your breasts as the glue game is quite strong.



  • Strapless
  • Backless
  • Makes your breasts appear fuller with more cleavage
  • No shagging


  • The glue tends to go away after frequent uses.
  • Not sweat resistant
  • More helpful for women with small breasts.


This bra is a dream come true to all the girls who want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time with no worries of straps peeping out of your outfit. And also bonus: Great Cleavage.

The Bra works best when worn under a tight dress or top so it will stay in place whole day without having to adjust it.

I would definitely recommend getting this bra. It’s a lifesaving tool in a ladies wardrobe. 10/10 would buy it again.

Hope you ladies found this review helpful and let me know in the comments section, if you already have one or still deciding to get one.

I found my soul bra, have you?

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