Minimalistic, Budget-friendly gift ideas for Him!!

Men are so hard to please. Us, ladies give some shiny, girly stuffs and we are drooling all over it, (if she is not too picky). Who ever said Men are simple and straight forward is so fucking true. They are these simple, humble beings who don’t need much. And that where lies the problem, pleasing a person who is already content is a tough job. And when it comes to gifting your bae, who only cares about food and Indulge in simple living, very tough. My boyfriend is one of ’em. Just throw some black tee shirts and sweatpants, and he is the happiest person in the world. And obviously Food and FIFA.

As Valentines Day just went by, it was hell of job for me to please this guy. And I always believe in thoughtful gifts, something to remember in the long run. I know, I know Valentines Day has long gone but still gifting ideas are always welcomed, right? All the gift ideas are very budget friendly and comes under 1000 bucks.

So taking cues from this Valentines Day, I want to share with you guys a  few

Minimalistic, budget-friendly gifts for your Man

1. A Graphic T- shirt :

T-shirts are the epitome of casual fashion. So, I got this simple Graphic T- shirt while I was randomly going through the Men’s section at Max store. My boyfriend is a huge fan of ‘INTO THE WILD‘ Movie and what better way to show him some love by gifting him his favorite movie t shirt.

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2. Sweat Pants :

A must have, leisure wear in a Men’s closet. A pair of these comfy pants will keep your man super comfortable the whole day and also sweat pants are Uber cool right now. It has gain so much popularity in the more laid back fashion category and it’s so versatile and goes with almost everything. So, go get your man a few pairs of these. Your boyfriend will very much appreciate this cute gesture.

3. A Waterproof Travel Bag :

If your man loves traveling or is constantly on the go. This waterproof travel bag is the Bomb. This bag has a set of 7 pouches/bags of different sizes to suit your man’s necessities. It has an all charger container pouch, earphones/headphones holder pouch, grooming pouch, underwear pouch, socks pouch, a shoe pouch, laundry pouch, and lastly a large pouch for clothing. The bag is very stylish too and it comes in different shades. I got the grey shade as i loved the color so much. I must mention I gave an ultimatum, like he can only use this bag while we are both traveling together, as he is a lazy ass and I fear he will leave behind my precious gift. Out of all the gifts, this is my absolute favorite and I’m actually very proud of myself (haha!)

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4. An Earphone holder:

Everybody has this annoying habit of losing earphones all the time. Well my boyfriend is no different. So, I got this cute black pouch that has two compartments to hold earphones and other little stuffs. It has zip lock, so no worries. Get your hands on this black earphone holders here.

5. Hand Sanitizer :

Yeah! It sounds a little weird but hey, it’s good for your bae. It’s a great thing to take care of your man’s health and so slip this hand sanitizer in his pocket or back pack and he will never have to worry about washing hands or frantically looking for water and soap.

6. Chocolates :

I got chocolates too for him. I got a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a cute little gift box to pack the chocolates.

7. Roses :

Roses are the symbol of eternal love. A single rose or a few would do the job. I got only one as I’m thrifty AF.

P.s If you and your guy plan on something special, and if it’s not a surprise or you can surprise him, why not indulge in a pair of sexy lingerie with you holding them gently and give away that sassy look. Your guy won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Total win-win.

So it’s a wrap. I hope you ladies find these ideas helpful and make use of it and surprise the hell out of your bae.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section.

See you soon. Take care!



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